slave leo

[Reposted from my old site. Original from August 18, 2013.]

Mistress Lori DiLetto is both brilliantly beautiful and beautifully brilliant. As gorgeous as she looks in her photos, Ms. Lori is even more exquisitely, extraordinarily, excruciatingly pretty in person. Quite literally, she possesses the sort of beauty that inspires poetry and sears men’s souls. The merest thought of her amazing face, her intensely intelligent eyes, her delightfully disdainful lips, her soft and sensual skin, and her unattainable perfect body send me spiraling into paroxysms of pleasure.

As beautiful as she is, it is Mistress Lori’s intelligence, intuition, and incredible creativity that truly shine through. She puts a great deal of thought and attention into every aspect of the experience. Filling out her questionnaire encouraged me to explore my deepest fantasies in ways i had not done previously. Her sociological and psychological insightfulness give Mistress Lori a clear edge over any other Dominants. It was extremely clear that Mistress Lori read my answers, genuinely thought about them, and utilized them to plan and enact sessions that exceeded my wildest dreams in every positive way.

i crave agonizing pain and extreme humiliation. Specifically, i love the humiliation that comes from a gorgeous Dominant Woman’s merciless amusement at my torment. i was even married to a Dominant Female who tortured, humiliated, and cuckolded me. Mistress Lori has the unique ability to get inside my head and take my submission to new levels that even my previous Owner could not. Mistress Lori cruelly beat me and literally ripped out my pubic hair until i was bloody and welted, yet all i want to do is suffer more for the amusement of this most exquisite Dominant Woman. She realized that i adore being derisively laughed at while being tortured and soon my humiliation burned as severely as my skin. Mistress Lori makes me feel so comfortable being uncomfortable, that i was actually able to realize a long-held fantasy with her and submit to a Dominant Gay Master for her amusement.

Mistress Lori has a vast array of deliciously devious equipment which she keeps in impeccably clean condition. Her imagination is as stunning as her beauty. Her superiority shines brightly. She is Dominant and gorgeous, fun and ferociously smart. i yearn to experience the next session with her.