Mistress Lori is young and beautiful.

She had patience to read about my interests and respond in detail.
And beyond the throughout email exchange, Mistress Lori went out of her way, to buy the pair of shoes I had hoped to worship.
In that email exchange, I had wanted Mistress Lori to know me so that when we meet, it will feel like it wasn’t our first session.
And when we met, this is exactly how I felt.  I felt comfortable at her presence during preparations, and very much at ease, into the session itself.
I had wanted to belong to her, and for Mistress Lori to take the lead,  and indeed she has, effortlessly.
She has the intuition and caring dedication to be master the craft (and that is not often found).
I have been sessioning for a long time.
My session with Mistress Lori was an easygoing voyage into subspace, beginning in our correspondence and not ending as of yet (as I plan to return).