[Reposted from my old site. Original from March 16, 2013.]

Finally got the chance to have my long awaited first session with Ms. Lori DiLetto and it was nothing short of remarkable. Lori’s website indicates that she likes to get inside your head and exceed your expectations and she certainly did with me. The session experience was beyond my most inflated expectations and she has become a fixture in my thoughts ever since.

Lori’s skill and intuition stood out even before the session. In our pre-session emails, she was refreshingly candid regarding her style and interests and very thoughtful regarding mine. Her openness and insights gave me a lot of confidence going in that it would be a great session. Although recent and accurate, her website gallery photos did not prepare me for how pretty she is in person. She is absolutely beautiful, which made the experience of being a toy for her amusement all the more special.

The session play was diverse, fast paced, and inventive. Starting with a little bondage and the skillful use of various toys, followed by some more stressful restraints and torments, nothing we did seemed to be a simple activity. Her clever and creative use of games and predicaments made each an apparently playful indulgence of her whims and desires. Her use of a neon wand on me was a particularly delicious blend of pleasure and pain as the opportunity to gaze upon her was accompanied with increasing intense jolts to my most sensitive parts. All in all, the session was exhilarating and memorable. Ms. Lori proved to be a truly intuitive and skilled mistress that I would recommend highly. I know I can’t wait to see her again.