[Reposted from my old site. Original from September 2, 2015.]

First of all…Ms Lori is stunningly attractive. Her pictures positively do not do her justice, although I do love the pics on her new website. Her gorgeous painted lips (I loved the bright red color which she matched perfectly to her finger /toe nails…So HOT!) will take your breath away! Then when you glance up into her dreamy big brown beautiful eyes, you will need to be prepared for your heart to skip a few beats. And her long dark brown hair frames her sweet innocent face, with beauty and grace.

She is smart, well prepared, and has the unique ability to develop the perfect fantasy. She is also an excellent communicator as she has the amazing ability to converse on a wide range of topics. I found it very comfortable discussing my many kinky activities in person with her, and she too seemed to enjoy talking about them with me. And you could almost see her creative mind racing 100 MPH as she was beginning to mentally develop my session. Her maturity level, and her intuition seems like she can almost read your mind. That combined with her amazing people skills make her appear light years more experienced than her youthful age. I was absolutely blown away by her in every possible way!

And while I am sure she is acutely aware of how talented she actually is, she was so very sweet & modest about it. However, I knew full well who was in charge, and I definitely did not want to cross the line with her. She does not raise her voice or threaten you in any way, (unless her incredible beauty intimidates you), but instead she kills you with her sweet and kind manner to the point where she has you “eating out of her hand”. That’s when I began to babble and beg to please her, &/or accept the treatment that she had carefully planned for me. I say “planned”… I mean exactly that, because she had obviously spend a great deal of time reading and thinking out the details that I had listed on her extensive, & most informative, advanced questionnaire. Be careful and definitely be honest, about what you list there, because she will review it thoroughly, and then develop a session around the activities/fetishes that you describe in it what you both agreed on in advance.

I cannot wait till my next trip to the city!