[Reposted from my old site. Original from January 25, 2014.]

After trying to find the time to come in for a session with Ms. Lori, I was finally able to stop by for dinner and my first session with her just recently. Even during my preliminary emails with her, I was very surprised at the amount of time she took working out specific likes, limits, and fantasies that I had not even considered before. She always provided a quick and professional response to any questions that I had.

Once we met up for dinner, I saw just how much the other reviews were right about the website pictures not doing her justice. She is an absolutely beautiful woman, and I would advise anyone with the opportunity to meet up for a session in person. She is not only gorgeous on the outside but also very intelligent and has a very fun personality. I was worried that it would be an awkward dinner without much of anything to talk about, but she ended up being very personable, interesting, and easy to talk to. After dinner, we went shopping for sploshing supplies which she carefully chose while playfully, yet menacingly teasing me the entire time.

After picking up supplies, we walked to the dungeon and began getting ready. She had carefully made all of the preparations for the session down to every last detail. She incorporated games and many other playful and sensual forms of torment and humiliation during an absolutely terrific session. She made sure to take her time with the sploshing so that I spent as much time as possible helpless, sticky, and humiliated while she got plenty of laughter and enjoyment at my expense.

All in all, I highly recommend Ms. Lori Diletto. She is reliable and intelligent and by far the most creative and professional pro doms with whom I have had the pleasure of doing a session.

slave leo

[Reposted from my old site. Original from August 18, 2013.]

Mistress Lori DiLetto is both brilliantly beautiful and beautifully brilliant. As gorgeous as she looks in her photos, Ms. Lori is even more exquisitely, extraordinarily, excruciatingly pretty in person. Quite literally, she possesses the sort of beauty that inspires poetry and sears men’s souls. The merest thought of her amazing face, her intensely intelligent eyes, her delightfully disdainful lips, her soft and sensual skin, and her unattainable perfect body send me spiraling into paroxysms of pleasure.

As beautiful as she is, it is Mistress Lori’s intelligence, intuition, and incredible creativity that truly shine through. She puts a great deal of thought and attention into every aspect of the experience. Filling out her questionnaire encouraged me to explore my deepest fantasies in ways i had not done previously. Her sociological and psychological insightfulness give Mistress Lori a clear edge over any other Dominants. It was extremely clear that Mistress Lori read my answers, genuinely thought about them, and utilized them to plan and enact sessions that exceeded my wildest dreams in every positive way.

i crave agonizing pain and extreme humiliation. Specifically, i love the humiliation that comes from a gorgeous Dominant Woman’s merciless amusement at my torment. i was even married to a Dominant Female who tortured, humiliated, and cuckolded me. Mistress Lori has the unique ability to get inside my head and take my submission to new levels that even my previous Owner could not. Mistress Lori cruelly beat me and literally ripped out my pubic hair until i was bloody and welted, yet all i want to do is suffer more for the amusement of this most exquisite Dominant Woman. She realized that i adore being derisively laughed at while being tortured and soon my humiliation burned as severely as my skin. Mistress Lori makes me feel so comfortable being uncomfortable, that i was actually able to realize a long-held fantasy with her and submit to a Dominant Gay Master for her amusement.

Mistress Lori has a vast array of deliciously devious equipment which she keeps in impeccably clean condition. Her imagination is as stunning as her beauty. Her superiority shines brightly. She is Dominant and gorgeous, fun and ferociously smart. i yearn to experience the next session with her.


[Reposted from my old site. Original from June 10, 2013.]

If you are reading this you are most likely considering seeing Mistress Lori Diletto. I was lucky enough to have the privilege of having dinner and four hour session in the dungeon..We had originally scheduled for three hours , but after spending time with her at dinner and getting to the dungeon I was completely under her control and mesmerized by her and was able to extend our time together. She is everything she claims to be in her web site and more. She is intelligent, you know this already from her writing, and beautiful, her pictures are real ,but she is even more beautiful in person. Our time in the dungeon was seamless she moved from position to position and game to game ( which needless to say she always won). I can’t wait to see her again

Anonymous Sissy

[Reposted from my old site. Original from May 11, 2013]

For a long time, I toyed with the idea of visiting a dominatrix but I never really felt comfortable taking the leap. Then, after another day of looking at websites, I found Ms. Lori’s and I was hooked. I sent Ms. Lori an email describing the kind of session I was interested in (cross-dressing, bondage, impact play and foot/strap-on worship) and soon had a very enthusiastic reply. Any reservations I still may have had were completely gone, especially when I saw Ms. Lori’s detailed questionnaire. I felt so comfortable at that point that I already couldn’t wait for our first session.

We agreed that for our first session, we would do some shopping to pick out an outfit for me to wear and then spend a little time transforming me and playing together. I met Ms. Lori outside the store she chose. As soon as I saw her, all nervousness was gone. She is absolutely beautiful and hot – her pictures do not lie!!! Before we started shopping, she wanted to make sure I was ok talking about finding the clothes for me and trying everything on. I was still a little embarrassed to be shopping for women’s clothing but Ms. Lori made it fun and exciting. We purchased a dress and then headed to our next stop for the remaining items. From there, it was to the dungeon for our first session. Ms. Lori did an amazing job making me look like a woman (the women at the dungeon even commented as to how well she made me look). Once dressed up, Ms. Lori gave me an amazing spanking – not too hard but not too gentle. It felt amazing. And her strap-on… I was quickly her sissy slut and could not have been happier.

I had such a great time, I could hardly wait for more time together. For our next session, we had some shopping to finish up and then we went to the dungeon to make me a woman. Once again, Ms. Lori did an amazing job. From there, it was out for a couple of drinks together. I was a little nervous about going out dressed as a woman but with Ms. Lori at my side, I felt like I could do anything (it helps having a beautiful woman at your side while dressed up). As soon as we left the dungeon we were hit on. We walked a few blocks (my first time in heels) and then stopped at a restaurant for a few drinks. Ms. Lori was great – she made me order my own drink and talk and act like a woman, and she treated me like one too. Then it was back to the dungeon for a little more play time.

Even better than our first session, Ms. Lori tied me up, pulled my panties to my ankles and then said we were going to play a little game – I had to count each stroke on my butt but I had to keep track of each cheek. If I miscounted, we had to start back at 0. She collared me and put the leash on a hook to keep me from squirming. I was so excited it took a little time for me to get the hang of the game with everything else going on but I did soon enough. I was then walked over and tied to a bed to lick Ms. Lori’s feet and, once again, prove that I was her sissy bitch. Ms. Lori was amazing – she covered my eyes at times and the anticipation of what was coming next was so unbearable – I loved it!

I can’t wait to see what she has in store for our next session!!


[Reposted from my old site. Original from March 16, 2013.]

Finally got the chance to have my long awaited first session with Ms. Lori DiLetto and it was nothing short of remarkable. Lori’s website indicates that she likes to get inside your head and exceed your expectations and she certainly did with me. The session experience was beyond my most inflated expectations and she has become a fixture in my thoughts ever since.

Lori’s skill and intuition stood out even before the session. In our pre-session emails, she was refreshingly candid regarding her style and interests and very thoughtful regarding mine. Her openness and insights gave me a lot of confidence going in that it would be a great session. Although recent and accurate, her website gallery photos did not prepare me for how pretty she is in person. She is absolutely beautiful, which made the experience of being a toy for her amusement all the more special.

The session play was diverse, fast paced, and inventive. Starting with a little bondage and the skillful use of various toys, followed by some more stressful restraints and torments, nothing we did seemed to be a simple activity. Her clever and creative use of games and predicaments made each an apparently playful indulgence of her whims and desires. Her use of a neon wand on me was a particularly delicious blend of pleasure and pain as the opportunity to gaze upon her was accompanied with increasing intense jolts to my most sensitive parts. All in all, the session was exhilarating and memorable. Ms. Lori proved to be a truly intuitive and skilled mistress that I would recommend highly. I know I can’t wait to see her again.


[Reposted from my old site. Original from December 3, 2012]

This was the third session I have had with Mistress Lori, and I don’t know how she does it but they just keep getting better and better! I have never found a domme to put as much thoughtful preparation into planning a session as does Mistress Lori. As the session unfolds I literally am awestruck by her creativity, her roleplay ability, and her attention to detail. There is nothing predictable about this domme, except that you can always expect her to exceed even your wildest imaginings! I have seen many professional dominatrices over the years, but none can rival the professionalism, eroticism, and mind-bending beauty of Mistress Lori. When she talks about getting into your head to the extent that she leaves you in a stupor, she is not kidding. Even now, one day later, my head is still spinning…