never write reviews but I felt compelled to do so in this case.  I had the benefit of spending a night with Lori and words can not begin to describe the experience.  Lori has an amazing ability to both put you at ease yet peer into your deepest corners of your mind.   I felt an immediate ability and desire to share my deepest secrets with her and the comfort to do so.  Let me first say photos do not capture how sexy she looks.  She is a stunner and meeting her in public was a treat.  She is multifaceted, intelligent and strong in conversation and can speak to both the vanilla and kink with ease.  Time alone with her was an experience I will never forget.   Having kept much of my interest to myself for so long, she is open to so much.  She was able to pry out my hidden desires creating a sense of excitement I have never experienced.  With a knowledge of my mind, she easily takes full control which was beyond exciting.  She both guides and controls you while you shed all your inhibitions.  Her intoxicating methods created a submissive person out of me in ways I never imagined.  She broke down barriers I thought I would never pass with eager excitement.  She also has the ability to set the mind at ease afterwards.
Finding Lori felt like winning the lottery.  I can guarantee I will make every effort to see her again.   She is truly like no other.