[Reposted from my old site. Original from January 25, 2014.]

After trying to find the time to come in for a session with Ms. Lori, I was finally able to stop by for dinner and my first session with her just recently. Even during my preliminary emails with her, I was very surprised at the amount of time she took working out specific likes, limits, and fantasies that I had not even considered before. She always provided a quick and professional response to any questions that I had.

Once we met up for dinner, I saw just how much the other reviews were right about the website pictures not doing her justice. She is an absolutely beautiful woman, and I would advise anyone with the opportunity to meet up for a session in person. She is not only gorgeous on the outside but also very intelligent and has a very fun personality. I was worried that it would be an awkward dinner without much of anything to talk about, but she ended up being very personable, interesting, and easy to talk to. After dinner, we went shopping for sploshing supplies which she carefully chose while playfully, yet menacingly teasing me the entire time.

After picking up supplies, we walked to the dungeon and began getting ready. She had carefully made all of the preparations for the session down to every last detail. She incorporated games and many other playful and sensual forms of torment and humiliation during an absolutely terrific session. She made sure to take her time with the sploshing so that I spent as much time as possible helpless, sticky, and humiliated while she got plenty of laughter and enjoyment at my expense.

All in all, I highly recommend Ms. Lori Diletto. She is reliable and intelligent and by far the most creative and professional pro doms with whom I have had the pleasure of doing a session.