[Reposted from my old site. Original from June 12, 2014.]

It’s been a month since Ms. Lori and I got together over cocktails, and within the first few minutes of that encounter I felt all defenses melting away. There is no way you could possibly say no to this goddess; she inspires immediate desire and trust.

S&M has been a large part of my life over many decades, including two long-term 24/7 live-in relationships and infinite private, public and club scenarios, but I’d never seen a professional website that offered any temptation until I ran across Ms. Lori’s, which is in a class beyond the range of anything else on the internet. I can only concur with all the above reviews in their assessments of the intelligence, creativity, and lucidity of her site, which of course reflects the qualities of the author.

I’ve hired a professional Domme only once before meeting Ms. Lori, and my switch/sub session (my scene play is almost always as a Dom) with her was a first for me, so I can’t really compare her to other professionals. What does come through powerfully is that she is entirely genuine. S&M is a natural component of her sexuality–as it is among those of us who seriously engage in the scene; she’s not faking anything.

It’s exhilarating and liberating to be in Ms. Lori’s company–who’s as enjoyable in social and intellectual conversation as she is mind-altering in her ability to get inside your kink and take you to levels of fear, pleasure, pain and euphoria that you’ve never previously experienced. She’s absolutely unique.