Sub S

Thank you for a really incredible session. I deeply appreciate the care and attention to detail you brought, in addition to your obvious experience and talent in understanding a session and participant. 

There were moments of joy, drama, small fear and at times, pure pleasure. You incorporated so many of my preferences while bringing a few new experiences. 

So glad to be reacquainted after a decade or so and excited for our next session. 

sub R

I first encountered Mistress Lori via her social media presence. When I learned that our schedules meshed, I enthusiastically reached out to her.

What can you expect when you contact Ms Lori? For starters, you’ll engage with a consummate professional: she is fantastically experienced and well-versed in all aspects of BDSM. She takes her time to get to know you, and you’d be advised to be thorough and straightforward in describing where you’ve been and where you want to go. By the time you show up for session, she’s meticulously planned your encounter and will not disappoint.

When the moment arrived for our in-person meeting, she greeted me warmly. The session focused on some of the classic staples of D/s: bondage, corporal punishment, CBT and worship. By “staple,” I don’t mean it’s routine or predictable. Ms Lori kept me on my toes and led me through an experience that left me fulfilled and joyful as I made my way home.

Poise is her watchword, and she never raised her voice…because she didn’t have to. You will want to please her and letting go and experiencing her dominance is a healing event. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to have an audience with this wonderful lady, and I hope it’s the first of many more sessions.


Mistress Lori is young and beautiful.

She had patience to read about my interests and respond in detail.
And beyond the throughout email exchange, Mistress Lori went out of her way, to buy the pair of shoes I had hoped to worship.
In that email exchange, I had wanted Mistress Lori to know me so that when we meet, it will feel like it wasn’t our first session.
And when we met, this is exactly how I felt.  I felt comfortable at her presence during preparations, and very much at ease, into the session itself.
I had wanted to belong to her, and for Mistress Lori to take the lead,  and indeed she has, effortlessly.
She has the intuition and caring dedication to be master the craft (and that is not often found).
I have been sessioning for a long time.
My session with Mistress Lori was an easygoing voyage into subspace, beginning in our correspondence and not ending as of yet (as I plan to return).


It is difficult to put into words how much I enjoyed our time. You created a safe space that allowed me to confront my childhood issues. I will be forever grateful for that.
Thank You for the thought and effort you put into our scenes together. I woke up so beaten down my back was stiff as a board. Two Advil didn’t even help. Was it worth it? Absolutely!


never write reviews but I felt compelled to do so in this case.  I had the benefit of spending a night with Lori and words can not begin to describe the experience.  Lori has an amazing ability to both put you at ease yet peer into your deepest corners of your mind.   I felt an immediate ability and desire to share my deepest secrets with her and the comfort to do so.  Let me first say photos do not capture how sexy she looks.  She is a stunner and meeting her in public was a treat.  She is multifaceted, intelligent and strong in conversation and can speak to both the vanilla and kink with ease.  Time alone with her was an experience I will never forget.   Having kept much of my interest to myself for so long, she is open to so much.  She was able to pry out my hidden desires creating a sense of excitement I have never experienced.  With a knowledge of my mind, she easily takes full control which was beyond exciting.  She both guides and controls you while you shed all your inhibitions.  Her intoxicating methods created a submissive person out of me in ways I never imagined.  She broke down barriers I thought I would never pass with eager excitement.  She also has the ability to set the mind at ease afterwards.
Finding Lori felt like winning the lottery.  I can guarantee I will make every effort to see her again.   She is truly like no other.


[Reposted from my old site. Original from September 8, 2015.]

“You’re not fucking around!” Her words.
It was during my second session with Ms. DiLetto, and I had just thrown away all the inhibitions I’d been clinging to for years. As a person with a disability, inhibition comes naturally to me; the hours I’d spent soul- (and web-) searching while trying to find my place in the BDSM scene, and while trying to find someone with whom I could explore fantasies and share experiences, are far more than I’d care to count. And it was all thanks in large part to fear.
I can’t imagine a smoother transition from fearfulness to hopefulness as that which occurred the day I stumbled onto Ms. DiLetto’s homepage.
Up to that point, I hadn’t really considered that what I needed the most, given my physical limitations and lack of experience, was a guide. Finding her homepage made it all so obvious: The best thing I could do for myself would be to find someone to break me into the scene; someone compassionate; someone with patience; someone playful; but, above all, someone accommodating. All of those qualities – and many others – were right there, hovering above the surface in perfect detail on Ms. DiLetto’s website.
She had to be the one. And I had to write to her.
This cannot be understated. To say that Ms. DiLetto is sublimely gorgeous and superbly talented is not enough. She is also one of the most helpful, responsive, accommodating people I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with, across all professions. I take a lot of pride in my own work ethic, and to meet someone who mirrors that passion and drive and willingness is simply beyond refreshing.
Let me close by going full circle. Hearing those words during our second session had an impact on me, and likely one that Ms. DiLetto did not foresee (who can say for sure, though?). The comment didn’t even strike me until hours after the session had ended and following a good deal of reflection. Now, as I write this, those words are all I can think about. In a world comprised of a seemingly infinite number of difficulties and physical impossibilities, being told – and with exclamation! – how well I’d just performed in an activity, especially one of this physical and “alternative” nature, means everything to me. Thank you, Ms. DiLetto, for that, and everything.



[Reposted from my old site. Original from September 2, 2015.]

First of all…Ms Lori is stunningly attractive. Her pictures positively do not do her justice, although I do love the pics on her new website. Her gorgeous painted lips (I loved the bright red color which she matched perfectly to her finger /toe nails…So HOT!) will take your breath away! Then when you glance up into her dreamy big brown beautiful eyes, you will need to be prepared for your heart to skip a few beats. And her long dark brown hair frames her sweet innocent face, with beauty and grace.

She is smart, well prepared, and has the unique ability to develop the perfect fantasy. She is also an excellent communicator as she has the amazing ability to converse on a wide range of topics. I found it very comfortable discussing my many kinky activities in person with her, and she too seemed to enjoy talking about them with me. And you could almost see her creative mind racing 100 MPH as she was beginning to mentally develop my session. Her maturity level, and her intuition seems like she can almost read your mind. That combined with her amazing people skills make her appear light years more experienced than her youthful age. I was absolutely blown away by her in every possible way!

And while I am sure she is acutely aware of how talented she actually is, she was so very sweet & modest about it. However, I knew full well who was in charge, and I definitely did not want to cross the line with her. She does not raise her voice or threaten you in any way, (unless her incredible beauty intimidates you), but instead she kills you with her sweet and kind manner to the point where she has you “eating out of her hand”. That’s when I began to babble and beg to please her, &/or accept the treatment that she had carefully planned for me. I say “planned”… I mean exactly that, because she had obviously spend a great deal of time reading and thinking out the details that I had listed on her extensive, & most informative, advanced questionnaire. Be careful and definitely be honest, about what you list there, because she will review it thoroughly, and then develop a session around the activities/fetishes that you describe in it what you both agreed on in advance.

I cannot wait till my next trip to the city!


[Reposted from my old site. Original from January 13, 2015.]

You’re the best! That was the most AMAZING experience tonight. Honestly, quite mind-blowing. I hope you enjoyed it, too.

You did this to me before. I’m left still incredibly turned on in the tingling aftershock and yet also totally chilled like the Cheshire Cat on a morphine lick. As a vehement atheist, this is pretty much the closest I get to experiencing the godhead! Ecstasy, ecstatic– the closest words to insinuating this elevated state and what, in your incandescence, you do to people.

Mr. Foote

[Republished from my old site. Original from June 16, 2014.]

Lori DiLetto is a remarkable person. She is the epitome of a professional fantasy enabler. She has been extremely well prepared for our sessions. She is thoughtful, clever, seductive, and always in character, which has resulted in exceptionally fulfilling experiences for me.


[Reposted from my old site. Original from June 12, 2014.]

It’s been a month since Ms. Lori and I got together over cocktails, and within the first few minutes of that encounter I felt all defenses melting away. There is no way you could possibly say no to this goddess; she inspires immediate desire and trust.

S&M has been a large part of my life over many decades, including two long-term 24/7 live-in relationships and infinite private, public and club scenarios, but I’d never seen a professional website that offered any temptation until I ran across Ms. Lori’s, which is in a class beyond the range of anything else on the internet. I can only concur with all the above reviews in their assessments of the intelligence, creativity, and lucidity of her site, which of course reflects the qualities of the author.

I’ve hired a professional Domme only once before meeting Ms. Lori, and my switch/sub session (my scene play is almost always as a Dom) with her was a first for me, so I can’t really compare her to other professionals. What does come through powerfully is that she is entirely genuine. S&M is a natural component of her sexuality–as it is among those of us who seriously engage in the scene; she’s not faking anything.

It’s exhilarating and liberating to be in Ms. Lori’s company–who’s as enjoyable in social and intellectual conversation as she is mind-altering in her ability to get inside your kink and take you to levels of fear, pleasure, pain and euphoria that you’ve never previously experienced. She’s absolutely unique.