Submissive Activities

My favorite activities as a sub are as follows:

  • Bimbofication
  • Bondage (particularly cuffs, rope, tape; while lying or fully or partly suspended)
  • Dirty talk
  • Dollification
  • Electrified paddle
  • Embarrassment (Note: This is distinct from humiliation.)
  • Fetishism (everything from feet and latex to the more esoteric fetishes like can crushing and balloon popping)
  • Games and predicaments
  • Impact play (particularly cropping, flogging, paddling, spanking)
  • Role play of almost every variety (Examples: age play, kidnapping scenes, interrogation scenes, superhero scenes, taboo; boss/secretary, doctor/patient, exes, maid/employer, neighbors, officer/soldier, police officer/ suspect, student/teacher, spouses)
  • Seduction scenes
  • Sensation play
  • Sploshing/ Wet-and-messy
  • Tease and denial/ punishment and reward
  • Temperature play (ice and wax)
  • Tickle torture
  • Violet wand/ neon wand play
  • Wax play

Please note that I am emphatically not a masochist. That is, I don’t derive sexual pleasure from physical or emotional pain. Rather, I get off on the psychological aspects of giving up control and pleasing my Dom– which can include taking pain, but if that’s your main interest, we are not a match.

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