lessons2wmYou want to learn about BDSM from a personal tutor.

  • Terminology: What’s the difference between a sub, a slave, a bottom, and a masochist? What is ‘headspace’? What’s the difference between a cane and a rod?
  • Styles of Dominance: Is domination always about inflicting pain, or can it be playful or caring? Can it be all three at once? What’s my personal style?
  • Safety: Can I use leather cuffs for suspension bondage? How do I know if a sub is approaching her limits? How should I clean my toys? What’s the difference between BDSM and abuse?
  • Scene set-up and management: What do I need to have in place before a scene begins? How do I ensure there aren’t any awkward pauses? What do I do if my bratty bottom is getting out of hand?
  • Invoking different physical or psychological responses: What does caning feel like? Why do tops often have bottoms count out the blows they receive? How do I reward my sub?  
  • Aftercare What is it and why is it important? Is it always my job to provide it? How do I help a sub reduce swelling or bruising, or deal with her negative emotions?
  • Understanding your own desires: What is it specifically about spanking that turns me on? Is there something wrong with me for being into this stuff? What’s the origin of my kinks?
  • The technical stuff: I know all of the BDSM basics, but I need to learn how to spank/ flog/ immobilize!

I recommend a one-hour lesson for those with particular questions and a two-hour lesson for those who would like a broad overview of BDSM. The tribute for this time is 200 per hour. It’s an excellent screening option for new dominant clients.

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