Have you been looking for a cute bondage bunny or a spankable brat? I can’t wait to wriggle against your ropes and under your palm. A true switch, I respond to my partner’s energy and find myself eager to give up control in the presence of a dominant man (or woman! or non-binary person!) I’m eager, but I’m cautious, and I’m sure you understand why. My screening protocols for dominants include an assessment of your BDSM skills. If you’re just starting to top or if you need a refresher on certain things, I’m more than happy to help. Book a BDSM lesson for our first appointment, and I’ll greet you in my schoolgirl outfit, ready to share notes. Then you can consider all the ways to take control. A few humble suggestions:

–A tie-and-tickle on a leather bondage bed

–An OTK spanking in a classic dungeon environment

–Elaborate bondage predicaments in a dimly lit parlor

–Sensual play with wax and feathers in a posh private apartment

–A schoolgirl seduction role-play in cute little classroom

You can see a few more of my preferred activities here.

I recommend a 2-hour session to get acquainted, but other session lengths are available, too, including evening-long dinner and submission/switch dates and day-long engagements. The tribute rates for these longer sessions is— you guessed it— bespoke. After you fill out my session request form, I’ll assess our compatibility, screen you, and then we can arrange a time to chat about the best session length for your particular desires. The tribute will depend on the length and complexity of the scene. As you may be able to intuit from my rates below, I am not a ‘full-service’ provider/ escort, but a dominatrix/ switch who offers a sensual experience.

Time and Tribute

The range reflects different incall locations and strict vs. sensual activities

1 hour- 450-500

1.5 hours — 650-700

2 hours — 800-900 (recommended for our first session)

3 hours — 1,200-1,300

Bespoke — TBD

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