***HIATUS ANNOUNCEMENT***After careful consideration of my finances and priorities, I’ve decided to go on hiatus from March 1- May 8 to focus on my schoolwork, studying for my licensing exam and post-graduation plans. I will NOT: be advertising, tweeting, creating new pre-made content, or taking on new clients. The subscription price on my fan site will drop way down for those two months— you can still access all my old content, but I will not be posting anything new. I WILL: check email every few days + anyone I have an established relationship with is welcome to contact me (I’ll also answer reference requests!) I’ll be happy to see/produce content for established clients on a limited basis. I simply won’t be taking on anyone or anything new! I WILL be back the second week of May, once all my classes are over and final assignments submitted! I am hoping I will be able to take in-person sessions at this point as well, pandemic permitting! See you in the spring!


One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for domination. Anyone can beat and berate you into acquiescence, but submission? Inducing that sublime state requires a tailored approach. Harsh words and heavy paddling may indeed be in order, or soft-spoken seduction might be the proper tack. Either way, communication is crucial. I’m the adept artisan you’ve been looking for, and I’m ready to discuss your desires. Let’s create our unique kink experience.

I do have preferred tools for these projects— clothespins, candles, crops, cuffs of rope— but if you ask my favorite BDSM activities, you’ll have missed the point. What I love is making you lose control, and for that I might need any number of instruments. How I get you to a place of psychosexual surrender will be a path particular to you. Know that if you come, however you come, you will end up in a different mental space than where you started. There’s no need to be afraid, though—not yet. Right now there is only the anticipation of an expertly crafted enterprise.

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